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Kidney Cancer

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According to researchers, more than 73,000 American adults will receive a diagnosis of kidney cancer this year. Working with a great urological team like James Richey, MD, and Lance Templeton, MD, of Alexandria Urology Associates in Alexandria and Oakdale, Louisiana, can make navigating kidney cancer easier. If you or a loved one is in need of diagnosis or treatment of kidney cancer, call the office to set up a visit or try the easy online booking tool.

Kidney Cancer Q & A

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer occurs when otherwise normal cells in one or both kidneys begin to multiply out of control, creating a lump called a tumor. Kidney cancer most often develops in the lining of your renal tubes, tiny structures inside your kidneys that help make urine and clean your blood.

There are many different types of kidney cancer. Left untreated, kidney cancer can spread to your brain, lungs, bones, and other areas of your body.

What is the link between kidney disease and kidney cancer?

Researchers have identified a link between kidney disease and kidney cancer, so it’s important to come in for screening to check for any type of kidney malfunction or disease. Some of the things that link kidney disease with kidney cancer include:

  • Surgical kidney removal
  • Immunosuppressant medications
  • Long-term dialysis

Diagnosing kidney issues requires a simple blood test, urine testing, and imaging tests when indicated. If your screening show signs of cancer, a biopsy would be the next step. This process collects a small sample of cells from your kidney for microscopic examination.

How is kidney cancer treated?

Once your doctor determines cancer is present and clarifies the stage it’s in, the next step is designing a customized treatment path. Surgery is the primary treatment and works to remove diseased tissue from your body.

It’s possible to remove the entire kidney or just the portion affected by the disease. Each approach has pros and cons, and you’ll learn the full details prior to making a treatment decision.

Nonsurgical treatments are also available. Some use hot or cold temperatures to destroy cancer cells. Immunotherapy can help by using the power of your immune system to fight cancer. Targeted medications can also help, especially if cancer has spread to other areas of your body.

Radiation can help relieve painful symptoms by directing high-powered energy beams into the affected areas. This is often used to reduce symptoms when kidney cancer has spread to other areas of your body.

Kidney cancer is a serious health issue, but working with a top-quality medical team can make the process easier to bear. Schedule an appointment online or by phone to come in and meet the team at Alexandria Urology Associates.